St. Patrick School and Parish
"Where Faith and Knowledge Meet"



The Church gives us this season of Lent as a time to focus on a certain part of our faith and make an effort to deepen our understanding through fasting, prayer and almsgiving. This year I’d like you to examine the virtue of penance. … Are you ready to open yourself up to a deeper conversion of heart toward God and away from sin?     
                                                            ~ Bishop Callahan

Please check out this Lenten message from our Bishop.

Mission Statements:

We the people of St. Patrick Parish, accept and respond to God’s covenantal relationship with us. We enter into this relationship through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to action, through grace, for the purpose of salvation. United in this mission, we pledge as a parish the following:

1. To create a climate of welcome to promote evangelization.

2. Using the sacraments as a basis of prayer and worship, to nurture the spiritual growth of our members through well-prepared liturgies.

3. To provide ongoing Catholic education for all ages with a special commitment to perpetuate our school.

4. To serve others through programs designed to improve family life, social adding justice and the physical, spiritual, and social well being of our parish family and our surrounding communities.

5. To call forth time, talent, and treasure for each parishioner in order to provide adequate ministerial services, physical surroundings and financial resources.

6. To enable all parish members to make known their views on parish matters, both spiritual and temporal, in a consultative manner.

7. To nurture, support and encourage the God-given calling of each member of the parish.

8. To avoid making judgments in regard to other people and to be people of forgiveness and reconciliation.